CXT Explore is one of the most innovative products to come from Konecranes recently.

According to the company, the product is a combination of a 6.3T mobile overhead crane, travelling on a gantry, supported by two sturdy containers which make for fully equipped workshop that can literally be set up in the middle of nowhere.

“It is ideally suited to conditions in Africa and is expected to do very well here,” the company has said.

Konecranes says the CXT Explorer comes as a predesigned package in one of the 20 ft standard ISO shipping containers, with a carefully-selected range of standard functions and optional extras.


“These include a full CXT electric overhead crane of approx. 1250 kg, supported by the two containers, and an electric or manual hoist.

The shipping containers double as storage for the crane components, service tools, equipment, and spare parts.”

In addition, the CXT Explorer is easily transported together with another ISO shipping container and the containers are put onto the ground; the supporting steel structure is built on top, secured with twist locks.

“If available it can be plugged into the grid, or otherwise a generator. And voilà, you have factory-level lifting a few hours after arriving on site. To relocate the crane, it is packed back into the container and it’s ready to go.”

The new product can be used in construction, mining, vehicle maintenance, agriculture, natural gas compressor stations, in the military, oil exploration, onshore and offshore drilling.

“In the CXT Explorer, you have a full-blown mobile maintenance workshop ready to go,” Konecranes believes.

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