Mozambique and Malawi’s power utility companies have set plans to interconnect grids.

The project involves construction of a 400 KV power transmission line stretching over 210 kilometres, from the Matambo substation in Tete to Phombeya in Balaka.

Canada’s WSP Global and Water Waste and Environment Consultants (WWEC) of Malawi, have started working on a study to assess the environmental and social impact of the project for electricity interconnection between the two countries.

The study will also prepare the resettlement policy of populations affected by June 2017.

The interconnection is expected to be completed by 2020 and provide as a solution to the current challenges Malawi is facing regarding the supply of electricity, through the promotion and development of new sources and opening up the market to potential investors.


Malawi’s current electricity production is 351 megawatts, which only supplies about 10% of the population.

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