Maputo gears up to host the 10th Mozambique Mining and Energy Conference (MMEC), a landmark event set to shape the future of the nation’s resource sector. From May 2nd to 3rd, the prestigious Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre will transform into a hive of activity, bringing together industry titans, government officials, and international experts under the unifying theme: “Partnerships for Prosperity: Unlocking Mozambique’s Resources to Advance National & Regional Economic Growth.”

This isn’t just another conference; it’s a springboard for Mozambique’s economic ambitions. As MIREME, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, emphasizes, “MMEC 2024 provides a unique platform to engage with the government on its plans and vision for the sector.” This sentiment is echoed by industry leaders. “MMEC has consistently proven itself to be the premier business event for the Mozambique resource sector,” says a spokesperson for AME Moçambique, the conference organizers. “This year’s focus on partnerships reflects the crucial role collaboration plays in unlocking Mozambique’s full potential.”

The conference promises a treasure trove of opportunities for delegates. High-level discussions will be a key feature, with a special roundtable bringing together ministers from Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, and Malawi to delve into the prospects of regional economic growth. This focus on fostering regional collaboration is a masterstroke, potentially solidifying Mozambique’s position as a powerhouse energy hub.

But MMEC 2024 isn’t all about grand pronouncements. The event will also provide a platform for deal-making and networking. “MMEC is the perfect place to cement business-to-business partnerships and investment deals with key decision-makers,” underlines a representative from ENH, Mozambique’s national hydrocarbon company.


The focus on practical outcomes is a major draw for investors. “We’re attending MMEC to gain valuable insights into specific industry and project opportunities,” says a representative from a prominent international mining firm. “The chance to connect with key stakeholders and government officials under one roof is invaluable.”

With its tenth edition upon us, MMEC has firmly established itself as the cornerstone event for Mozambique’s resource sector. This year’s gathering promises to be bigger and better than ever before, brimming with the potential to unlock a new era of prosperity for Mozambique and the region.

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