The glittering lights of Cabo Delgado are set to shine even brighter this July as the Mozambique Energy & Industry Summit (MEIS) returns for its third iteration. With a proven track record of attracting big players and sparking vital discourse, MEIS 2024 promises to not only emulate past successes but eclipse them.

“The second edition was a resounding achievement,” says a jubilant Vanessa Fernandes, MEIS 2024 spokesperson. “We saw a record number of delegates engage with a world-class programme, and that momentum is what we’re building on.”

So, how exactly does MEIS 2024 plan to up the ante? Local content remains king, according to Fernandes. “We’re once again positioning local content as the cornerstone of the summit,” she explains. “This means providing a platform for businesses to showcase their expertise and best practices, with a keen eye on both short-term and long-term project needs.”

This focus on empowering Mozambican businesses resonates with Dr. Valige Tauabo, Governor of Cabo Delgado, the official patron of MEIS 2024. “MEIS provides a vital space for knowledge transfer and collaboration,” he highlights. “International best practices coupled with Mozambican ingenuity – that’s the recipe for sustainable growth in our energy and industry sectors.”


MEIS 2024 isn’t just about fostering domestic talent; it’s about attracting international heavyweights too. Held strategically at the heart of Mozambique’s energy hub, Pemba, the summit offers unparalleled access to key stakeholders and decision-makers. “For sponsors, MEIS is a golden opportunity to establish a foothold in one of the world’s most exciting emerging markets,” Fernandes enthuses.

With a proven formula for fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and industry growth, MEIS 2024 is poised to be a landmark event. From the boardrooms to the beaches of Cabo Delgado, delegates can expect a summit brimming with possibility. As Fernandes puts it succinctly, “MEIS 2024 is where the future of Mozambique’s energy and industry comes into focus.”

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