Cadenza Innovation Inc.  Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Christina Lampe-Onnerud has resigned, as non-executive director of Syrah Resources The company said Lampe-Onnerud will continue to support the business through collaboration between Syrah and Cadenza Innovation for the research and development of Syrah’s Battery Anode Material (BAM) products.

“Christina’s resignation returns the Board to a majority of independent non-executive directors. As previously announced, Syrah is in the process of recruiting at least one additional independent director to the Board this year,” said Chairman Jim Askew Syrah board chairman.

“Syrah and Cadenza Innovation have made significant progress in the development of Syrah’s BAM product roadmap over the past two years.

As Syrah advances to the next more intensive stage of product development and BAM market entry, we look forward to Christina’s ongoing involvement and guidance through our continued contractual relationship with Cadenza Innovation,” said Shaun Verner, Syrah Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

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