Mozambique is gearing up to take center stage at the upcoming Invest in African Energy (IAE) forum, with a focus on optimizing the country’s vast natural gas reserves. This strategic move comes as global energy markets experience significant shifts, and Mozambique seeks to maximize returns on its hydrocarbon wealth.

Eni Mozambique, a subsidiary of the Italian energy giant Eni, will be leading the charge at IAE 2024. Marica Calabrese, the company’s General Manager, is slated to speak about “catalyzing opportunities” in Africa’s energy sector. This is particularly relevant for Mozambique, which boasts some of the world’s largest offshore gas discoveries.

“Eni is a major player in Mozambique’s gas sector, with three Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) megaprojects in the pipeline,” a source familiar with the company’s plans said. “At IAE, they’ll be sharing their development strategies and seeking to attract further investment to unlock the full potential of these resources.”

The potential is indeed staggering. Estimates suggest Mozambique’s gas reserves could generate over $100 billion in revenue across project lifecycles. However, navigating the complex world of LNG development requires careful planning and a strategic investment approach.


“Optimizing gas investments is crucial for Mozambique,” remarked a local energy analyst. “The IAE forum presents a valuable platform to engage with potential investors, showcase the progress made on existing projects, and discuss strategies for maximizing long-term benefits for the country.”

The forum will likely see Eni Mozambique outlining its development plans for its flagship projects, including the Coral South FLNG and the Rovuma LNG ventures. Discussions are also expected to touch upon the broader challenges and opportunities facing Mozambique’s gas sector, such as infrastructure development, skills training, and ensuring transparency and good governance.

With global energy security a top priority, Mozambique’s gas reserves have attracted significant international interest. IAE 2024 provides a critical platform for the country to showcase its commitment to responsible resource development and secure the partnerships needed to unlock the full potential of its gas wealth.

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