President Filipe Nuyusi has official opened Balama Graphite developed by Syrah Resources.

According to Nuyusi the plant is the biggest graphite plant in the world. The Company came and it will stay and

“This operation will completely change the lives of the people of the District of Balama,” Nuyusi said.

Jose Caldeira, Non-Executive Director at Syrah Resources said the achievement of the Balama Graphite Operation is testament to Mozambique’s commitment to creating and maintaining a stable long term political and fiscal environment.

“This success sends a very strong message to the international investment community that Mozambique is an attractive and viable location for foreign investment and trade,” said Caldeira.


Syrah Resources believes that opening of the Balama Graphite Operation marks the official commencement of the world’s premier natural graphite operation, providing a major source diversification of high quality flake and fines graphite into the global market.

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