Over 2.2 million Mozambicans are now basking in the glow of clean energy thanks to the Brilho Programme, a shining initiative that’s transforming lives and landscapes across the nation. This sustainability champion, dedicated to universal access to clean energy, has seen a remarkable first quarter, with solar systems and improved cooking solutions gracing over 1.3 million and 920,000 lives respectively.

But the impact goes far beyond mere illumination. Brilho boasts a significant carbon footprint reduction, slashing over 560,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This eco-warrior isn’t just saving the planet, it’s empowering its people. More than 32,000 micro and small entrepreneurs are now utilizing the technology to generate income, weaving a tapestry of economic prosperity within local communities.

The programme’s brilliance extends beyond its immediate impact. Brilho has successfully attracted a staggering £33.7 million (approximately $42.3 million) in additional private funding for the renewable energy sector, a testament to its ability to magnetize investment. Moreover, it has served as a beacon of progress, creating 1,971 new jobs and shaping a more attractive market for renewable energy investors.

In a testament to its success, Brilho has secured an extension until October 2026, with an additional £8.7 million courtesy of SNV and the governments of the United Kingdom and Sweden. This brings the programme’s total funding to a radiant £38 million, ensuring its continued expansion and transformative influence across the nation.


With unwavering commitment from its partners, the Brilho Programme is poised to illuminate even more lives in Mozambique, painting a brighter future powered by clean energy and sustainable development.

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