The Mozambican government plans to intensify the inspection of mining activities in Maputo province to ensure that all operators comply with the law, Mozambique’s Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Leticia Klemens announced.

The minister said that the boost to inspections is intended to ensure mining operators can carry out their activities without harming the environment, adding that “the phase of turning a blind eye to give an opportunity to Mozambicans is over, operators now have to prove they are good entrepreneurs, who have the ability to operate in the sector.”

The increase in construction projects in Maputo means that demand for stone and for different types of sand has increased, with some operators taking advantage to exploit these resources in an improper way.

Klemens, speaking at the end of a meeting with representatives of mining associations and operators from Maputo, acknowledged that some of the problems identified stemmed from a lack of communication.


Some of the operators present at the meeting complained about the surface tax, claiming that its value is very high and therefore they can’t pay it.

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy told the mining operators that the review of the surface tax is being analysed by the government and that soon the Council of Ministers will give its opinion.

The province of Maputo has 190 mining title holders, of which 118 are holders of mining certificates, 50 concessionaires and six operators with surveying licenses.

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