Government is considering revising the country’s minerals licensing process to minimise and prevent possible corrupt practices.

Letícia Klemens, the Mineral Resources and Energy Minister has plans to establish measures to prevent corruption and denounce anyone involved in corrupt activities.

She said the rogue elements should be vigorously dealt with and subjected to administrative and/or criminal sanctions.

“We are, above all, concerned by the evidence of misappropriation and failure in the duty of good administration in some areas of our sector,” Klemens said.

“Such evidence is mainly exposed through acts of corruption, which represent the abuse of public power to achieve personal benefits or to satisfy private interests.”


The Minister has desire to reform the licensing process to combat extortion and bribery.

“With a view to making our institutions more effective, we have also to consider other actions with the potential to contribute to the reduction or elimination of corruption, such as simplifying the licensing processes.”

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