The Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique is going to approve a law that obliges the extractive industry to provide more benefits for the country, recently assured the chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights and Legality.

Edson Macuácuá assured that the Assembly of the Republic will seek to approve a law that is more advantageous for Mozambique in the exploitation of natural resources, when it spoke on the sidelines of a conference on “The challenges of governance of the extractive sector in Mozambique” promoted by the Civic Coalition on the Extractive Industry.

The future law, he continued, will allow greater participation and linkage between the Mozambican private sector and the multinationals involved in the exploitation of natural resources, according to the Lusa news agency.

Still, Salomão, the executive director of the Terra Viva Center, a Mozambican civil society organization, said that state institutions should be better prepared to exercise greater control and regulation in extractive activity, in order to ensure more benefits for the country.

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