Two new MidRange overhaul are now available for the ISC and ISL engine families, offering a reduction to the overall cost compared to buying all of the parts separately.

Cummins’ MidRange overhaul kits include all of the mandatory parts necessary for a basic overhaul and give customers and service providers the flexibility to determine if any additional components need to be replaced or reused during the overhaul.

The ISC8.3 kit and ISL8.9 kit applies to a wide product range. Information for MidRange engines and CPLs can assessed through QuickServe Online, or by contacting your nearest distributor.

According to the manufacturer the Cummins genuine parts warranty covers 100 percent parts and labour, progressive damage, and consumables.


Cummins further says non-genuine parts are not designed or tested to Cummins’ stringent engineering standards.

The company says non-genuine can result in decreased performance, increased downtime, and potential major engine damage.

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