One of the leading telecommunications and connectivity solutions provider, Paratus Mozambique, is participating at the ongoing Mozambique Gas & Energy Summit & Exhibition slated for 27-28 September 2023 in Maputo.

The summit coincides with Paratus’ celebration of six years of dedicated service in Mozambique. During this time, Paratus has established two more offices across the country, allowing them to provide unequalled cross-border connectivity between Mozambique, South Africa and beyond.

Rolf Mendelsohn, Chief Technology Officer of Paratus Group, will give a keynote speech at the Technical Seminar on the future of connectivity and how Paratus is supporting the thriving Oil and Gas industry in Mozambique with fast, robust connectivity solutions across the region.

Paratus Mozambique will also demo its Starlink connectivity to mark the African telco’s partnership deal with the global low earth orbit (LEO) satellite operator. Mozambique will be the first country in Africa to benefit from the Paratus-Starlink partnership which will bring high-speed satellite internet to remote and under-served industries and communities across the nation.


The primary focus of Paratus Mozambique’s participation at the Gas & Energy Summit will be to highlight its satellite and wireless offerings, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas industry. Paratus is well-positioned to provide reliable and robust connectivity solutions, ensuring that critical operations in the field run smoothly and efficiently.

Country Manager of Paratus Mozambique, Rui Maia Costa said, “As Mozambique continues to grow and develop in the Oil & Gas sector, we are dedicated to supporting it with revolutionary telecommunications solutions. The company’s presence at the summit underscores our commitment to contributing to the growth and prosperity of Mozambique through innovative services. We invite all attendees, industry partners, and stakeholders to visit our stand and learn more about our offerings in Mozambique and beyond.”

Paratus Mozambique is a leading telecommunications and connectivity solutions provider with a strong commitment to supporting the growth and development of Mozambique. The company’s participation in the Mozambique Gas & Energy Summit is a testament to its commitment to the Oil & Gas industry and its innovative offerings.

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