The Mozambican Ministry of Mining and Energy is “actively” analyzing the allocation of three licenses for Mutamba heavy sand deposits that were submitted by Mutamba Mineral Sands, British company Savannah Resources said in a statement to the market.

The three license applications cover an area of ​​417.32 square kilometers in the province of Inhambane, with Jangamo 118.08 square kilometers, Dongane / Ravene 161.26 square kilometers and Chilubane 137.98 square kilometers, according to information from Savannah Resources.

Savannah Resources, a company that operates copper and gold deposits in Oman and lithium in Portugal, is involved in this heavy sands project in Mozambique in consortium with the Rio Tinto mining group, with a 20% stake, which could increase to 35% and 51% after completion of the pre-feasibility and economic feasibility study, respectively.

Savannah’s chief executive, David Archer, said in the statement that pending the outcome of the Mozambican government’s review, the partnership has been carrying out some work, such as studies of hydrology, port options for product disposal and collection of 10 tons of samples to help determine final production capacity.

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