The global Covid-19 pandemic currently wreaking havoc on every continent’s health system and economy has elicited many coping mechanisms, mainly to delay the onslaught of the virus on populations through lockdown and social distancing.

How can South African companies begin operating again and ensure the health of their employees?

In answer to this fundamental question, condition monitoring specialists, WearCheck, have created a unique HealthCheck disinfectant “d“ tunnel which can be situated at the entrance to work-sites or public spaces, and which sprays every person who enters with human-friendly disinfectant.

HealthCheck d-tunnel designer Chris Hattingh, technical consultant at WearCheck, believes the tunnel will assist mines, transport and construction companies, airports, stations, hospitals, schools and other industries to re-open safely by ensuring employees do not bring the virus into the workplace.


Says Hattingh, ‘The HealthCheck d-tunnel sprays people with a “non-harmful” sanitiser known as B-safe HOCI – it is the only known sanitiser which kills all pathogens, including COVID-19. It is 100% safe for use on humans, including the hands and face, and even on food. It can be safely sprayed right into the nasal passage and into one’s mouth without side-effects.

‘When workers, miners, pupils or any groups of people pass through the HealthCheck d-tunnel, it protects the whole group from infection by the corona virus – once they pass through the spray system, any viruses are eliminated, and that person does not pose a contamination threat to those around them.

‘This is a practical solution for companies to re-open safely once the lockdown restrictions are eased. It is a sure way to eliminate risk and limit viral infections, thereby keeping our workforce healthier and helping South Africa’s hard-hit economy to make a come-back.’

The HealthCheck d-tunnel is available in two versions – a heavily-engineered model designed to accommodate large volumes of foot traffic, as well as a “light” option for smaller organisations.

Companies have the option to personalise the light version with their own logo and slogan.

The HealthCheck d-tunnel does not need an operator. A simple 230 volt pressure pump dispenses the spray, while the tunnel is corrosion-resistant and has variable settings for the misting intervals and spray times.

The sanitisation system has many benefits, including these: it is non-flammable, non-toxic, it is ecologically friendly, and can be disposed of in municipal drains without adverse effects as it degrades to the quality of source water. There are no known health hazards, and no dermal irritation factors and no eye-irritants.

The disinfectant can be dispensed to other locations using WearCheck’s range of portable systems and pumps, ensuring that on-site spaces such as offices, training centres and meeting places are virus-free.

For further information, or to order a HealthCheck disinfectant tunnel, please contact Chris Hattingh on +27 (0) 83 625 0808 or

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