The partnership of FPT Industrial, an Iveco Group powertrain manufacturer, and CNH Industrial will help to create more resilient communities and schools, as well as improve risk management in this vulnerable area that is frequently affected by climate change hydro-meteorological effects.

The firms have joined the WeWorld charity organization in their efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change. The partnership will focus on Mozambique, a country that is frequently subject to extreme weather events such as floods and cyclones, which can have devastating consequences in terms of human life, economic and environmental damage.

The project will first create six School Disaster Risk Management Committees (SDRM) in Manica’s public schools, which will involve teachers as well as volunteers. The Committees will receive tools and training that will enable them to be more resilient in the face of natural disasters.

Each committee will be trained according to the Basic School Emergency Plan, an innovative tool created by UN-Habitat and UNICEF to face up to and manage risks and disasters using the Vulnerability Analysis and Climate Capabilities methodology. The committees will also be equipped with an Early Warning System (EWS) kit which will contain the necessary equipment to receive alerts and reports to be communicated to members of the school community during an emergency.


In addition, the initiative will help refurbish nineteen classrooms in the Mossurize district in Ngungunhana. The structural works will improve the condition of the buildings to reduce the vulnerability of the infrastructure. This will protect pupils and teachers as well as guarantee structural resilience and the capacity to continue operations following emergencies and disasters.

The refurbishment will also ensure safer and more inclusive learning spaces for students and teachers, including people with disabilities. It means efficient and effective educational services can continue even during the critical periods following a natural disaster.

Daniela Ropola, head of sustainable development initiatives at CNH Industrial said mitigating the risks and the effects of climate change, such as by supporting training for young people, are some of the global challenges they are tackling.”

“Climate change has a severe impact on people’s quality of life, especially in certain areas of the globe. We are proud to have established this partnership with WeWorld, sharing our knowledge and values to take this project forward. It represents a tangible way to confirm our commitment to young people and future generations,” explained Ropola.

FPT Industrial will donate an N45 SM 1A 59-65kW Genset to the Civil Protection (INGD) headquarters in Maputo, which will be managed by the local dealer. The generator will guarantee electrical continuity following severe natural disasters affecting the utilities and powerlines, while also ensuring that Civil Protection operatives and other emergency workers can continue their emergency-related operations.

Intended to power hospitals, health centres, or schools in emergencies, the genset will greatly increase the local people’s resilience to the effects of climate change and will allow FPT Industrial to take part in a practical direct project involving community support, environmental care, first-aid training and the promotion of sustainability across the board.

Egle Panzella, FPT Industrial sustainability manager, said they are fully engaged in the energy transition through projects at a global and local level. “Because we know that even seemingly small gestures of solidarity can have a significant positive impact on local communities. Delivering our generator will offer an opportunity to provide essential equipment while joining a focused training programme for local people set up to improve their readiness and resilience in emergencies,” said Panzella.

Piero Meda, Mozambique Country Representative at WeWorld, said the support of CNH Industrial and FPT Industrial is crucial for them to ensure continuity in the development of inclusive and resilient education in Mozambique. It also helps them to assist not only the students but also their families and local communities in risk management and emergency support.

“As a result of the recent tropical depression ‘Ana’, several schools we work within the Cabo Delgado and Manica provinces were damaged and flooded, and one was destroyed. An immediate response has been possible thanks in no small part to the support of FPT Industrial and CNH Industrial, which has earmarked part of its donation for the safety of the school infrastructure. The next activity will be to train school disaster risk management committees who will be ready to respond to emergencies, and especially to prevent disasters,” said Meda.

Based in Milan (Italy) and operational in 25 countries, WeWorld has been working for over 50 years to guarantee rights and equal opportunities to women, girls and boys through access to resources, health, education, and work. WeWorld has been operational in Mozambique since 2000.

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